Crowns & Bridges

At Nysa Family Dentistry, we offer all the preventive services your family needs to achieve and maintain a healthy smile. But in case something does go wrong, we also offer custom-crafted dental restorations like crowns and bridges that will get your oral health back on track.

Our goal is to educate you about the importance of keeping your smile healthy. Poor oral health affects a lot more than your teeth – it also impacts your physical well-being and diminishes your self-confidence.

It’s important for all your teeth to be healthy. Each tooth has a particular job to do, and losing the function of just one can cause discomfort and wearing of your teeth. Dental crowns and bridges restore your smile to full health and allow you to eat, speak, and smile again with confidence.

How We Use Dental Crowns

In its early stages, we can usually treat dental decay with a tooth-colored filling. However, if we don't address decay early on, it will advance and damage the tooth to the point where a filling isn’t enough to protect it. In this case, your dentist will recommend a dental crown to protect and strengthen the tooth and restore function.

A dental crown fits around your tooth like a little protective helmet. Our crowns are made of natural-looking porcelain and designed to protect your tooth and blend seamlessly with your smile. Crowns are versatile, so there are many ways we can use them:

  • Add strength to a tooth damaged by decay, infection, or trauma
  • Restore a dental implant by adding function and improving appearance
  • Protect and strengthen a tooth after root canal therapy
  • Improve the esthetics of a tooth by altering its appearance

Placing Your Dental Crown

The process for placing a new crown requires two to three visits. We first prepare your tooth by removing decay and reshaping it so the crown sits naturally along your gum line. Next, we take impressions that are used to create a model of your tooth. We send the model and any other information we gather to a custom dental lab where your new crown is carefully crafted.

In about two weeks, we will have you return to our office to place your new crown. Your dentist will adjust the crown for fit, polish it, and cement it in place.

The result is a beautifully restored tooth that enhances your smile and will provide you with years of use, if cared for properly.

Dental Bridges Replace Missing Teeth

A dental bridge is designed to fill the space left by a missing tooth. The restoration is typically composed of three pieces – an artificial tooth (pontic) that is suspended by a dental crown on either side. The crowns are cemented to adjacent teeth for support, resulting in a seamless appearance that restores your ability to eat, speak, and smile confidently again.

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