Dental Implants

Are you tired of living with the discomfort and inconvenience of missing teeth?

The loss of a tooth can have a tremendous impact on your life. It affects everything from your confidence about your appearance to your ability to speak clearly and enjoy all your favorite foods.

We are dedicated to bringing our patients the most up-to-date, high-tech dental treatments available today. At Nysa Family Dentistry we are pleased to offer state-of-the-art dental implants – the only permanent tooth replacement solution available today!

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is comprised of three pieces: an implant post, an abutment, and a restoration.

  • The titanium implant post is surgically placed in your jaw at our office. Titanium is a biocompatible material, so the body absorbs the implant without the risk of rejection. As the site heals, the implant fuses permanently with surrounding bone and tissue.
  • When healing is complete, we attach a small connector piece to the implant, called an abutment. The abutment secures the dental restoration to the implant.
  • The last part of the dental implant process is crafting and attaching a restoration to the rest of the implant. When replacing a single tooth, this restoration is typically a crown. In cases of more severe tooth loss, the best option is often a dental bridge or a denture.

You can be confident that Dr. Amara and Dr. Kolli will take the time to talk to you about your situation and help you choose the restoration that’s most appropriate for you. We use only the highest quality materials for our restoration, and the final result is a replacement tooth that looks, fits, and feels as much like a natural tooth as possible.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

A healthy tooth root stimulates the growth of healthy bone and the tissue that surrounds it through actions like biting and chewing. When the root is lost, this process comes to a halt, and once-healthy bone in the jaw starts to break down and gradually shrinks back (resorbs) into the body.

Over time, deterioration of the jawbone can lead to problems like loose teeth and alignment problems, wrinkling around the mouth, and a sunken appearance of the face. The presence of the implant in your jaw takes up the job of stimulating healthy bone growth, eliminating these problems.

Placing Your Dental Implant

Placing an implant involves several steps, and we are pleased to offer our patients the convenience of having the entire process completed here at our Frisco dental office. Dr. Usha Kolli has advanced training in the surgical placement of dental implants as well as oral surgery procedures like bone grafting.

Dr. Kolli ensures proper placement of your implant by using cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). This state-of-the-art technology produces three-dimensional images of your teeth and jaw structure. This allows Dr. Kolli to plan placement with a high degree of accuracy and success.

The best candidates for dental implants are people who are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth and are looking for a more permanent type of tooth replacement. Good oral health is essential, and you should also have sufficient bone density in your jaw to provide support for the implant.

Please Contact Our Office to Learn More

There's a lot to know about dental implants and whether or not they are the best choice for you. We would love to talk to you about implants and how they can benefit you. Please contact our Frisco, TX dental office, and we will be happy to arrange a consultation to discuss your needs at your convenience.