General Dentistry

At Nysa Family Dentistry, we know that healthy smiles are happy smiles. For your convenience, we offer a broad range of services for family members of all ages. 

Having all your needs met in one location offers several advantages: 

First, you don't have to run from one specialist's office to another for treatment. Also, if you find dental care a challenge, seeing the same friendly faces every time you visit can go a long way toward soothing your anxiety! Dr. Anu Amara will see you for every appointment so she can get to know you and understand your unique needs then customize your care accordingly.

What Is General Dentistry?

As a general dentist, Dr. Amara has the skill, expertise, and experience to meet all the oral health needs of your entire family. We provide the highest standard of dentistry in a friendly and soothing environment so you can relax and get the treatment you need to keep your smile healthy.

We start with routine preventive exams and professional cleanings that help us stay current with the state of your dental health. State-of-the-art technology like digital x-rays and intraoral cameras allows us to identify problems when they are small, long before they become costly and complicated to treat.

If a tooth is damaged, we offer services like tooth-colored fillings and crowns. Both will restore the tooth so it will function comfortably and improve the appearance of your smile.

Missing teeth are more common than you might think, so we also offer dental bridges, customized full and partial dentures, and dental implants so you can eat, speak, and smile again with confidence. No one likes to think about root canals or extractions, but both are critical procedures that are needed to protect your overall oral health. If the need for either arises, you can be confident that you will receive comfortable, compassionate treatment from our dedicated team of professionals.

Quality Treatment You Can Rely On

Our goal is to make sure that you are comfortable with us every time you visit so you are motivated to be proactive with your dental care. We can provide all the treatments in the world, but they are not much help if you are too anxious to make appointments!

We know that you are unique, and we will tailor your treatment plan according to your individual needs and goals for a healthier smile. If you have fallen behind in your dental care, please know that we will not judge or shame you. Whatever the condition of your oral health, our only concern is finding solutions that will restore your smile and improve the way you feel about yourself.

We Make Dental Care Easy!

Your life is already filled with obligations and responsibilities, so we want to make your dental care as convenient as possible.

We work with numerous insurance providers including Cigna, Guardian, Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and United Healthcare. If you are uninsured, you'll be happy to hear that we offer interest-free CareCredit financing, which is a credit card for health and wellness treatments, including dentistry, vision, and cosmetic treatments.

We start at 7 AM on Fridays and are open until 7 PM on Wednesdays, making it easy to schedule appointments before or after work or school. If you have an emergency, call us right away; we always leave extra time in our schedule, so we can usually see you the same day.

If you would like to schedule your next appointment with us, please call our Frisco, TX dental office at (469) 250-2020. We look forward to showing you how uncomplicated oral health care can be!